PH5S-E Replacement Probe for PH5S Food pH Tester

  • Measuring Range: -2.00 - 16.00 pH, 0 - 50˚C
  • Tapered glass membrane, made for solid sample testing such as cheese, meat, soil, etc
  • Swiss sensor technology: long life reference system with polymer electrolyte
  • Double junction without diaphragm

The Apera Instruments PH5S-E is the replacement probe for PH5 series pocket pH testers, including PH5S, PH5F, PH5, and PC5. This probe adopts a Swiss sensor technology, featuring a spear glass membrane with a long life reference system, ideal for pH testing for cheese, meat, fruit, bread, sushi-rice, solid growth medium, soil, and other solid/semi-solid samples. Also works well for common water solution testing. CE-Certified and comes with a 6-Month Warranty.

Deutsch (PH5S-E_DE.pdf, 51 Kb) [Download]

English (PH5S-E_2018.pdf, 147 Kb) [Download]