DO803 Luminescent Optical DO Probe


The DO803 Luminescent Optical DO Probe is the replacement optical DO probe for Apera DO850 and DO8500 Portable Optical DO meters. The probe adopts state-of-the-art optical DO sensor, which has significant advantages compared to the traditional galvanic/polarographic probes.

Effortless Operation

The Optical DO probe does not consume oxygen in the liquid, hence there is no requirement for water flowing speed. Just insert the probe in the liquid, and get the readings when it's stable -- as simple as measuring pH.

Quick Stable Reading

It takes only 1 to 3 minutes for reading stabilization. Frequent calibration is not necessary. Calibration only takes 1-2 minutes.

Bedienungsanleitung (DO803_Optische_Elektrode_für_gelösten_Sauerstoff_de.pdf, 611 Kb) [Download]

English (DO803_Optical_Dissolved_Oxygen_Probe_EN_2018.pdf, 391 Kb) [Download]

The DO8032 Luminescent Sensor Cap is an essential part for Apera Optical DO Probe (DO803 and DO810). This cap has a service life of 8000 hours. Replacing...