301Pt-S ORP Combination Electrode, 8-pin Connector for with 400 Series Meters

  • Equipped with high-Quality Platinum ORP sensor
  • Gel KCL electrolyte adopted; No need for refilling.
  • 8-Pin Connector

The Apera Instruments 301Pt-S Combination ORP Electrode is equipped with a high-quality platinum ORP sensor and a KCL gel electrolyte that does not no need to be refilled. It is suitable for regular water solutions testing and wastewater treatment.

With the 8-pin connector, the electrode is compatible with Apera's PH400, PC400, PH400S, PC400S meters.

This electrode has a 6-Month limited warranty fulfilled by Apera Instruments.

Technical Specifications
Junction: Ceramic
Reference Electrode: Ag/AgCl
Connector: 8-pin
Dimensions: ø 12 mm x 160 mm

Sensor: ø1_5mm platinum