PH60F-E Replacement Probe for PH60F Surface pH Tester

  • Measuring Range: -2.00 - 16.00 pH, 0 - 50˚C
  • Flat surface glass membrane with built in tempurature sensor, made for surface pH testing such as: skin, paper, fabrics and micro samples
  • Gel KCL electrolyte, maintenance-free
  • Works well for 12-24 months under proper use and care

The Apera Instruments PH60F-E probe is the replacement probe for PH60 Series Premium Pocket pH testers, including PH60F, PH60S, PH60, and PC60. This probe features a flat glass membrane sensor with a built-in temperature sensor and maintenance-free gel KCl electrolyte, made for surface pH testing such as: skin, fabrics, paper, Leather and micro-volume solution samples. This probe also works well for common aqueous solution testing. CE-Certified and comes with a 6-Month Warranty.

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