LabSen® 763 Stainless Steel Blade pH Electrode


The LabSen763 Blade pH Electrode/Probe adopts durable food-grade stainless steel sheath and blade, solid electrolyte, and long-life reference system, making the probe hard to be contaminated and maintenance-free.

LabSen unique blue spear glass membrane - faster response time, better repeatability, and built tough, highly resistant to general impact (totally differentiates from the traditional fragile glass bulb membrane).

Long-Life Reference System - The LabSen 763 pH electrode adopts a long-life reference system, which is composed of a glass tube, AgCl, and a reference silver wire. The top end of the slim glass tube is stuffed with cotton, which prevents the reaction between AgCl and electrolyte when the temperature changes. It improves the stability of reference electrode and extends the service life of the electrode.

Ideal for professional meat pH measuring such as fish, meat, and meat products.

This is a replacement pH electrode for Apera Instruments PH850-BS and PH8500-BS Portable pH Meter, also compatible with Apera Instruments PH850, PH8500, PH910, PH950, PH700, PH800, PH820, PC850, PC8500, PC910, PC950, PC800, PC820.

The electrode is backed up with a 6-month warranty by Apera Instruments.

Technical Specifications
Range: pH 0 to 14
Temperature Range: 0 - 80 °C (32 - 176 °F)
Temperature Sensor: Built-in
Material: Stainless Steel
Junction: Ceramic/Single Pore
Referenzsystem: Long Life
Electrolyte: Polymer
Membrane Shape: Spear
Connector: BNC/RCA
Cable length: 1 m
Length: 115 mm
Diameter: 12 mm