LabSen® 803 Professional 3-in-1 pH/Temp. Electrode for Purified Water and Low Ion-Concentration Samples, BNC/RCA Connector

  • Proprietary pH sensor technology and materials from Switzerland
  • Unique LabSen cylindrical glass membrane, faster response rate, better repeatability in purified water
  • Get stable pH measurements in purified water or low ion-concentration solutions in 30 seconds on average. Say goodbye to annoying fluctuations
  • Patented pH/Temperature combination structure, increasing the temperature response time by 40% compared to a conventional isolated built-in thermistor
  • Silver Ion Trap Reference System - On top of the Long-Life reference system, a silver ion trap is added to prevent the junction being blocked by silver sulfide

Backed by proprietary Swiss sensor technology and materials, the LabSen 803 3-in-1 pH/Temp. Electrode/Probe is designed for purified water such as drinking water, RO water, distilled water, deionized water, and other low ion-concentration solutions.

Moveable Sleeve Junction - The LabSen 803 pH Electrode/Probe is easy to clean, especially suitable for low ion concentration solutions. The infiltration rate of the electrolyte is determined by the tightness of the sleeve, which can be customized by users to ensure the best performance in every specific sample.

Silver Ion Trap Reference System - The LabSen 803 pH electrode adopts a Silver Ion Trap reference system. On top of the Long-Life reference system, a silver ion trap is added to prevent the junction being blocked by silver sulfide.

Unique Glass Membrane - The LabSen 803 pH Electrode/Probe adopts a Cylindrical glass membrane, which has faster response rate, better repeatability, and built tough - highly resistant to general impact (totally differentiates from the traditional fragile glass bulb membrane).

Patented pH/Temperature combination structure - The temperature element is placed in an independent cavity under the pH glass membrane. With the built-in heat conducting medium, the temperature sensing speed can be increased by 40%, hence the response time and stability of the pH electrode are greatly improved.

Compatible Apera Instruments' meters: MP511, SX811, SX823-B, PH700, PH800, PC800, PH820 and PC820. May NOT work with other brands' meters because the temperature unit might be incompatible.

The electrode is backed up with a 6-month warranty by Apera Instruments.

Technical Specifications
Range: pH 0 to 11
Temperature Range: 0 - 80 °C (32 - 176 °F)
Temperature Sensor: Built-in NTC 30KΩ
Material: Lead-free Glass
Junction: Movable Sleeve
Referenzsystem: Silver Ion Trap
Electrolyte: 3M KCl
Membrane Shape: Cylindrical
Connector: BNC (RCA for Temp.)
Cable length: 1 m
Length: 130 mm
Diameter: 12 mm