601-S Water hardness electrode, 8pin


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The 601 Water Hardness Electrode is the replacement electrode for the Apera Instruments YD300 portable water hardness meter, which has been proven to achieve the same accuracy as the traditional volumetric EDTA method, but is much more convenient. Unlike the traditional EDTA method, it is not necessary to stir the samples or add reagents during the measurement, and you can directly record the ion concentration of the sample solutions as in pH measurement.

This electrode has a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range

0.015 ~10 mmol/l;

1.5 ~ 1000 mg/l (CaCO3)

Internal resistance of the electrode (2 ~ 10) MΩ
Solution pH 5,0 ~ 10,0 Insulation resistance ≥1 x 1011Ω
Stock material PC (polycarbonate) Connector 8pin
Temperature sensor 30 KΩ thermistor Cable 1m
Recommended operating temperature 15 ~ 40 °C Electrode dimension (Ø12×160) mm


German 601-S DE
English 601-S EN
Italian 601-S IT