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DJS-0.1-F Pure Water Conductivity/Temp. Electrode (K=0.1, BNC Connector)

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The Apera DJS-0.1-F Conductivity/Temp. Electrode (K=0.1) is designed for purified water and ultra-pure water conductivity measurements. It’s equipped with a glass flowcell, which eliminates impact from CO2 in the air. The high-sensitivity platinum chip sensor design ensures high accuracy in low range conductivity solutions (0 to 200µS/cm).

The temperature sensor is built in to enable automatic temperature compensation.

This electrode is compatible with the following Apera meters: EC950, PC950, EC800, EC820, PC800,PC820, and EC700.


Sensor: ø 7 x 18 mm platinum plate (platinum black coating)
Measuring Range: 0.5
μS/cmto 200 mS/cm
Cell Constant: K = 0.1 ± 0.02 cm⁻¹
Temperature Sensor: Built-in
Housing: Glass
Connector: BNC (RCA for Temp.)
Cable length: 1 m
Dimensions: ø 12 x 155 mm

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