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The GroStar ™ Premium Pen Tester was specially developed for the garden market. GroStar’s intelligent design reduces the guesswork so you can achieve greater success with your harvest

  • Measures pH and temperature values
  • Premium electrode technologies and materials ensure high accuracy and durability with minimal maintenance
  • Easy to use design and quick calibration setting
  • Replaceable electrode with double connection so that you do not have to dispose of the entire meter when the electrode has reached its useful life.
  • Large 3-color backlight screen gives you clear information
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Powered by AAA batteries with auto-off function
  • Automatic temperature compensation










Area 0.0 to 14,0 pH

0 to 50°C

(32 to 122°F)

resolution 0,1 pH, 0,1°F/0,1°C
accuracy ±0,1 pH,, ±1°C/±1°F
calibration Automatic 1 to 3 points (7/4/10) * pH 10.01 solution sold separately
Temperature compensation Automatically
pH calibration Automatic 1 to 3 points (7/4/10) * pH 10.01 solution sold separately
Unit pH, °F, °C
Backlight Backlight white (measurement); Green (calibration);

Red (error)

Power supply 4 × AAA batteries
Battery life Up to 1000 h
IP rating IP67 (waterproof and floatable)
Successful calibration indicators M (7,00 pH), L (4,00 pH), H (10,01 pH)
warranty Two years for the device, one year for the electrode
pH-electrode Resistant lithium-glass membrane, double junction, blue gel electrolytes







  • 2-year warranty (instrument)
  • 1-year warranty (probe)
  • pH 7 & pH4 calibration solution (50ml bottle each)
  • KCL storage solution (10ml bottle)
  • Lanyard and user manual


GroStar GS1 pH Pen Tester Brief Manual GS1 pH User Guide v6-E



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