Pepsin-based electrode cleaning solution


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Apera Instruments’ Pepsin-based Electrode Cleaning Solution is a specially formulated solution designed to quickly remove contaminants from sensors while refreshing sensitive membranes:

  • Extends the life of the electrodes and maintains their measurement accuracy
  • Removes impurities such as mineral deposits, proteins and other contaminants
  • Cleans your electrodes quickly, easily and thoroughly

Simply immerse the electrode in Apera’s cleaning solution for 15 to 20 minutes (remove the sensor cover if present), most mineral deposits, protein-containing contaminants or other coatings will be dissolved. After soaking, rinse off the residue with a soft brush and clean water. Recalibrate your meter before the next measurement.

Your meter is only as accurate as the electrode (probe/sensor) is clean. A dirty electrode or an improperly cleaned electrode does not provide reliable measured values. Apera’s electrode cleaning solution helps you thoroughly remove contaminants on pH, conductivity and ORP electrodes, maximizing electrode life and maintaining measurement accuracy. Electrode cleaning is a quick and effective routine that should be performed regularly.