Swimming Pools

The optimal pH value of a swimming pool should always be between 7.0 to 7.4, i.e. in the neutral range.

Too low a pH level in the pool water can lead to serious problems. The effects of low pool pH include irritation of the eyes, skin, and especially mucous membranes. At the same time, too low pH leads to increased corrosion of pool components such as pool pumps, heating and accessories.

There are various causes for an increased pH value of the pool. The warmer the water is and the more it is swirled, the more hydrogen ions the water releases. Therefore, the water becomes basic (alkaline). Also, the addition of disinfectants such as calcium hypochlorite granules, which have a high pH, will cause the pH of the pool to rise.

A weekly pH measurement is therefore highly recommended.

Apera measuring instruments for swimming pools

Here you will find a selection of electrodes and meters which are ideal for measuring pH, conductivity and ORP in swimming pools or swimming pools. The electrodes are compatible with common automated measurement and control systems for swimming pools (BNC connection).
Worthy of special mention are our double-junction electrodes, which are particularly reliable, durable and low-maintenance thanks to their special diaphragm structure. Our catalog “Special electrodes for swimming pools” provides an overview.