In the natural science laboratory, various experiments, process controls, quality controls, tests and measurements of all kinds are carried out. Materials are largely chemically processed and investigated or new chemical products are manufactured.

This requires reliable measuring instruments that provide precise and reliable measurement data at all times, independent of chemical-physical processes. This is very essential to achieve a reproducible chemical conversion.

For this purpose, the control of the parameters must always be ensured and the conditions must be strictly observed.

It is initially unimportant whether a reaction takes place in an aqueous medium or not, or whether it is an exothermic or endothermic reaction.

Apera Messinstrumente für Labore

For such projects in the laboratory, we have developed a series of special robust electrodes that can be used in various fields. In addition, we have both stationary and portable measuring instruments for laboratory use with multifunctional programs for maintaining reaction conditions.

Apera Instruments has always strived to develop and provide future-oriented measuring instruments to support a wide range of laboratory experiments and application technology production: Here one can highlight the stationary 9500 series meters, which provide very accurate pH and temperature measurements as well as electrical conductivity.