ORP Standard Solution 222mV


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The 222mV ORP standard solution is used for checking and treatment of ORP electrodes. To check the function of an electrode, immerse the electrode in the ORP solution (in a separate vessel). The measured mV value should not deviate by more than +/- 15mV from the value indicated on the bottle (at your temperature). If the reading is not within +/- 15mV, immerse the electrode in the 222mV standard solution for 15-30 minutes for treatment. It will prepare the electrode’s surface for measurement and speed up the response time of the electrode.

  • Contains 250ml standard solution with an ORP value of 222mV (at 25°C)
  • A table of the ORP value at different temperatures can be found on the label
  • Use immediately: Instead of dissolving powder in distilled water first, you can use this solution immediately