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301Pt-C ORP Combination Electrode, BNC Connector

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  • Equipped with high-Quality Platinum ORP sensor
  • Gel KCL electrolyte adopted; No need for refilling.
  • Standard BNC connector

The Apera Instruments 301Pt-C ORP Combination Electrode is equipped with a high-quality platinum ORP sensor and a KCL gel electrolyte which does not no need to be refilled. It is suitable for regular water solutions testing and wastewater treatment. With the standard BNC connector, the electrode is compatible with any ORP meters that use BNC connectors.

The Apera Instruments 301Pt-C ORP Electrode has a BNC connector which is compatible with select portable and benchtop meters. These models include PH700,Serie850, Serie8500, Serie910, Serie950, Serie800 and Serie820

This electrode has a 6-Month limited warranty fulfilled by Apera Instruments.

Additional information




Junction: Ceramic
Reference Electrode: Ag/AgCl
Connector: BNC
Dimensions: ø 12 mm x 160 mm
Sensor: ø1_5mm platinum

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