DJS-0.1-C Conductivity electrode for pure water, BNC


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The Apera Instruments DJS-0.1-C conductivity electrode is especially suitable for measuring the conductivity of purified water and ultrapure water.

It is equipped with a flow module that eliminates the influence of CO2 in the air. The high sensitivity platinum chip sensor design ensures high accuracy for low conductivity measurement (0 to 200 μS / cm).

The temperature sensor is not included in the scope of delivery. To activate temperature compensation, a separate temperature sensor must be used, or the temperature values must be entered manually.

The electrode has a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range 0 to 200 µS/cm Cell constant K = 0,1
Shank material Lead free glass Connection BNC
Temperature sensor No Cable 1m
Electrode Ø7×18mm platinum Electrode dimension (Ø12×155) mm


German DJS-0.1-C DE
English DJS-0.1-C EN
Italian DJS-0.1-C IT