DO803 Luminescent Optical DO Electrode


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The DO803 electrode is the replacement electrode for APERA Instruments DO850 and DO8500 oxygen meters.

The DO803 electrode is based on luminescent optical technology and has significant advantages over conventional galvanic polarographic electrodes.

Simple and convenient operation

  • The optical DO electrode does not consume oxygen in the liquid to be measured
  • No requirement for the flow velocity of the water
  • Simply insert the electrode into the liquid and get the readings as soon as they are stable – as easy as measuring pH.

Fast and stable measured value

  • The reading stabilization takes only 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Frequent calibration is not required.
  • For a calibration is only 1-2 minutes.

The electrode has a warranty of 2 years (1 year on the electrode cap).

Technical Specifications

Measuring range (0-20) mg/l (ppm),


0 ~ 50°C

Cable 3m
Electrode dimension (Ø14×105) mm Connection 8 pin


German DO803 DE
English DO803 EN
Italian DO803 IT