DO8500 optical oxygen meter with GLP memory function and data output


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The Apera Instruments DO8500 oxygen meter is equipped with a state-of-the-art optical sensor for dissolved oxygen measurements. The optical sensor has no membrane and requires no special solutions. You will get a stable reading in 1 to 3 minutes. The sensor has a lifetime of up to 8000 hours of operation. The special coating on the cap protects the sensor from external influences and enables measurements independent of available light and chemicals. The meter is waterproof and dustproof (IP57 protection rating), allowing it to work in harsh environments. The DO8500 has a memory function with space for 500 memory groups, which can be read out via USB.

  • Equipped with state-of-the-art optical oxygen sensor: reliable and effortless measurement of dissolved oxygen in 1-3 min
  • The sensor has a lifetime of up to 8000 hours operating time
  • Easy calibration, minimal maintenance
  • The special coating of the DO8032 electrode cap prevents interference and makes it resistant to light and chemicals
  • Automatic compensation for temperature, air pressure and salinity
  • 500 memory groups with data output via USB
  • IP57 protection level: water and dust protected design
  • Complete set incl. Sensor with 3m cable, calibration cap and rugged carrying case

The meter has the EC marking and a warranty of three years on the device (two years on electrodes).

Technical Specifications

Dissolved oxygen (DO) Measuring range 0 to 200 %; 0-20.0 mg/l
Resolution 0.1/1 %, 0.01/0.1 mg/l (ppm)
Accuracy ±2% of the display or ±2% of the saturation;

±2 % of reading or ±0.2 mg/l (ppm),
the larger value counts in each case

Response time 90 % in ≤30 s (25 ℃ )
Calibration points Saturation point & zero point
Temperature compensation 0 to 50 ℃ (automatic)
Air pressure compensation 60 to 120 kPa (automatic)
Salt content compensation 0-45 ppt (automatic)
Temperature Measuring range 0 to 50 °C
Resolution 0,1 °C
Accuracy ±0,5 °C
more Memory locations 500 memory groups (incl. time and date)
Data output USB
Power supply 3 x AA batteries
Housing protection class IP57
Size 88×170×33 mm (with case 360×270×76 mm)
Weight 313 g (with case 1.3 kg)
Certification RoHs, CE & ISO9001:2015

scope of delivery

A complete set contains:

  • DO8500 meter
  • DO803 Optical electrode for dissolved oxygen
  • Conductivity electrode 2301-3M
  • Electrode calibration cap
  • Electrode clip
  • Small screwdriver
  • Sponge as water reservoir (replacement)
  • PC Link CD
  • USB cable
  • operation manual
  • Carrying case


German DO8500 DE
English DO8500 EN

You can find the current software under Downloads.