LabSen® 243-6 combined pH electrode for small sample volumes


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The LabSen® 243-6 from Apera Instruments is a pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor and is manufactured using patented Swiss sensor technology and materials. It is particularly suitable for measuring small-volume samples (≥0.2 ml) and for use in thin test tubes.

Long-life reference system – The LabSen 243-6 pH electrode uses a long-life reference system consisting of a glass tube, AgCl and a reference silver wire. The top of the thin glass tube is filled with cotton, which prevents the reaction between AgCl and electrolyte when the temperature changes. It improves the stability of the reference electrode and extends the life of the electrode.

LabSen S-type semi-micro glass membrane – With a length of 100mm, a diameter of 6mm and low membrane resistance (<350MΩ), the electrode enables reliable measurements of sample volumes ≥0.2 ml at temperatures up to 100°C.

  • pH sensor technology and materials from Switzerland
  • Special cylindrical LabSen sensor tip for small sample volumes (≥200 μl)
  • With suitable micro-container (sold separately) smallest volumes up to 60µl can be measured
  • Blue gel electrolyte, does not flow and does not cause air bubbles
  • Integrated temperature sensor (30KΩ thermistor) enables automatic temperature compensation
  • Long-life reference system that improves the stability of the reference electrode and extends the life of the electrode

The electrode uses a BNC connector that is compatible with all pH meters that use BNC connectors, such as Apera Instruments PH850, PC850, PH8500, PC8500, PH700, PH910, PC910, PH950, PC950,PH800, PH800, PC800, PH820 and PC820. The integrated temperature sensor is connected with an RCA connector (Cinch) and is not compatible with all measuring devices of other manufacturers.

This electrode has a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range (0 ~ 14) pH Electrolyte 3M KCl
Recommended operating temperature (0 ~ 100)°C Storage solution 3M KCl
Membrane shape slim Temp. sensor NTC 30kΩ
Diaphragm type S Membrane resistance <350MΩ
Shank material Lead free glass Electrode dimension Electrode (Ø12×150) mm

Measuring tip (Ø6×100) mm

Reference system Long Life Connection BNC / RCA
Diaphragm Ceramics Cable Ø5mm×1m



Compatible devices