LabSen® 821 pH electrode for dairy products


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The LabSen®821 pH electrode from Apera Instruments is manufactured using proprietary Swiss sensor technology and materials. It is specially designed to measure proteinaceous solutions, so it is suitable for dairy products such as milk, cream, yogurt and other liquid food products such as mayonnaise, jam, BBQ sauce, syrup and so on.

Silver ion trap reference system + protelyte electrolyte – The LabSen 821 pH electrode is equipped with a silver ion trap reference system and a protelyte reference solution. In addition to the long-life reference system, a silver ion trap is incorporated to prevent protein blockage or contamination of the diaphragm.

LabSen S-Type Hemispherical Glass Diaphragm – Thanks to the low-resistance and rugged glass diaphragm, the electrode delivers fully stabilized readings in 15 to 30 seconds, yet is up to 10 times more rugged than conventional products, significantly reducing the likelihood of the electrode breaking during impacts. It can be used at temperatures up to 100°C.

  • Proprietary pH sensor technology and materials from Switzerland
  • Designed for milk and other liquid foods containing proteins.
  • Unique LabSen hemispherical glass membrane for fast response rate, better repeatability and robustness.
  • Silver ion trap reference system + protelyte reference solution to avoid contamination of the electrode with proteins.
  • Blue gel electrolyte, does not flow and does not cause air bubbles

The electrode uses a BNC connector that is compatible with all pH meters that use BNC connectors, such as Apera Instruments PH850, PC850, PH8500, PC8500, PH700, PH910, PC910, PH950, PC950,PH800, PH800, PC800, PH820 and PC820. The temperature sensor is not integrated. For temperature compensation, a separate temperature sensor for ATC is required (e.g. Apera Instruments MP500), or the temperature must be entered manually.

This electrode has a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range (0 ~ 14) pH Electrolyte Protelyte
Operating temperature (-5 ~ 100) °C Storage solution Protelyte
Shank material Lead free glass Membrane resistance <200MΩ
Membrane type S Electrode dimension (Ø12×120) mm
Reference system Silver ion trap Connection BNC
Diaphragm Ceramic x 3 Cable Ø3mm×1m


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