LabSen® 231 for waste water and emulsions


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The LabSen® 231 pH electrode from Apera Instruments is manufactured using proprietary Swiss sensor technology and materials. It is specially designed for the measurement of emulsions, suspensions, effluents and samples containing protein and sulfide. The 2-pore diaphragm structure and polymer electrolyte are extremely pressure resistant and prevent solids from settling and clogging the sensing element.

Long-life reference system – The LabSen 231 pH electrode uses a long-life reference system consisting of a glass tube, AgCl and a reference silver wire. The top of the thin glass tube is filled with cotton, which prevents the reaction between AgCl and electrolyte when the temperature changes. It improves the stability of the reference electrode and extends the life of the electrode.

Polymer electrolyte – The polymer electrolyte is in direct contact with the test samples without clogging the diaphragm structure. The anti-pressure capacity can reach up to 6 bar, making it ideal for measuring suspension and wastewater.

Special Glass Membrane – The LabSen 231 pH electrode has a hemispherical glass membrane that is very resistant to general impact (the conventional glass bulb membrane is very fragile) and can be used in high temperature samples (up to 80 °C).

  • pH measurement technology and material from Switzerland
  • Unique blue hemispherical membrane
  • No air bubbles thanks to gel electrolyte
  • Durable reference system

The electrode uses a BNC connector that is compatible with all pH meters that use BNC connectors, such as Apera Instruments PH850, PC850, PH8500, PC8500, PH700, PH910, PC910, PH950, PC950,PH800, PH800, PC800, PH820 and PC820. A temperature sensor is not integrated. For automatic temperature compensation, a separate temperature sensor (e.g. Apera Instruments MP500) is required, or the temperature must be entered manually.

This electrode has a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range (0 ~ 14) pH Electrolyte Polymer
Recommended operating temperature (-5 ~ 80) °C Storage solution 3M KCl
Shank material Lead free glass Membrane resistance <200 MΩ
Glass membrane type S Electrode dimension (Ø12×120) mm
Reference system Long Life Connection BNC
Diaphragm 2-porous Cable Ø3mm×1m



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